Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bond 24 Will Be Spectre – A Reaction

Last week Bond fans finally were treated to the big reveal of the title of Bond 24. It will now forever be known as Spectre.

The selected name of ‘Spectre’ and its significance in Bond history has not gone unnoticed by fans. And with any tasty morsel the 007 unblocked proxy films gives fans as they embark on filming the latest Bond adventure, fans have speculated as to what we can expect to see.

As with most Bond films there was much pomp and circumstance surrounding the announcement. The world press gathered with live streaming for fans around the world to witness director Sam Mendes and producer Barbara Broccolli walking onto a stage at Pinewood Studio and announcing the name of the film.

Mendes also uncovered the new Aston Martin DB10 that will feature in Spectre. And rounding out things there was a roll call of Daniel Craig and the cast as they strolled out and stood onstage.

Since I recently completed my Quantum of Solace review and spent a good amount of time ranting and complaining about the press conference that preceded filming of that movie, I feel I sort of set myself up to address this one unblocked minecraft. Although this one really wasn’t as long, had no Q&A’s and other than the title and car didn’t pack a lot of surprises.

At a certain point I fell out of favor with all the hype and buzz-making strategies for big movies – even with James Bond. It’s hard for me to get as pumped and excited as they’re designed to work on moviegoers. We’ve gone through so much buildup for so many movies through the years and then when we actually see them – we’re left disappointed.

Everyone can name some! Some very big ones! So unless they make good on the promise of delivering an entertaining Bond film all this fanfare is meaningless. Of course we won’t know that until we actually see it.

This ‘event’ actually seemed pretty silly when I watched it. The cast awkwardly standing there and clapping as each person was announced – then it just ends. Oh well.

But there’s stuff to speculate about. So here’s some thoughts that I could muster up about the big announcement of Spectre.


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